Evelyn is Non-binary and uses they/them pronouns.

Evelyn Ida Morris, best known as Pikelet, is a gifted musician, celebrated for their dexterity across multiple instruments and for songwriting that is complex and structurally adventurous. They also work as a recording/production engineer at Phaedra Studios, and as a composer for film soundtracks in cinema and art.

Since 2007, Morris has released four albums and a handful of EPs as Pikelet, an experimental pop act, winning the Age Music Victoria Award for Best Experimental Musician and being shortlist for the Australian Music Prize. Prior to that they were known for their drumming in hardcore acts such as Baseball and True Radical Miracle.

In 2014, Morris co-founded LISTEN, an advocacy group focused on creating discourse around and documentation of gender diversity and gender politics in music in Australia. Since then they have also been responsible for booking regular events called Tom Tom Tuesday at Howler, and holding that space for predominantly queer, femme, gender-queer voices.

Morris has an extensive history as an improvisational musician, alongside their practice of composed pieces for piano, synth, guitar and drums.

As a session musician Morris has accompanied artists such as Ariel Pink, Darren Hanlon, Grand Salvo, Laura Jean and even toured with Leonard Cohen in a duo backing up Clare Bowditch. They have collaborated on various projects, including The Boredoms’ Boadrum 10/10/10 performance at Melbourne Festival and Deanne Butterworth’s dance work Siteless Now at the National Gallery of Victoria.

In 2016, Morris completed a residency in Switzerland at renowned classical music institution Kunstlerhaus Boswil.

They also work as a producer and engineer, recording artists such as Jessica Says, On Diamond, Stuart Grant (Primitive Calculators), Sarah Mary Chadwick and Summer Flake.

Recently they started an abstract painting practice, images of which can be seen on this site.

Please contact evskins@gmail.com with any enquiries.






“Evelyn Creates a nurturing, beautiful & liberating space to record music. And I am so happy with the songs” – Jessica Venebles (Jessica Says)


“We loved having Ev at our recording assisting with production. They brought a really positive energy with perspective drawing on varied genre experience/knowledge, and let us do our thing too.” (Lisa Salvo/On Diamond)