[The Body Appears, written and recorded by Evelyn Ida Morris]

Evelyn is available for freelance recording, producing and composing work.
Fees are $250 per day.
Evelyn works mainly at Pheadra Studios in Coburg, which costs $300 per day to hire if hired through Evelyn. More info:

Current Projects:

(yet to be released)

  • Summer Flake (Album) – Drum recording
  • Chloe Escott (EP) – Recorded/mixed
  • Box Crunch (album) – Recorded
  • Stuart Grant (Primitive Calculators) (Solo Album) – Recorded and produced, currently mixing
  • Jessica Says (EP) – Recorded/produced/mixed
  • Dead Boomers (Album) – Recorded/mixed
  • On Diamond (Album) – Produced
  • Yffer (Album) – Recording/mixing
  • Embedded Figures (Album) – Recording/mixing

Released Projects:



Sarah Mary Chadwick – ‘Sugar Still Melts In The Rain’
Drum and piano tracking at Pheadra Studios